ANTHRO 102-90 - Faces of Culture



SWC - FALL 2001

26 Thirty minute Programs 3 units

INSTRUCTOR:   Chris Henley  



This is an introductory study of the structure and function of culture. Through TV programs and lecture seminars the basic concepts of culture, the transfer of culture from generation to generation, patterns of subsistence, decision-making, conflict resolution, and social organization will be covered.

TEXT:  Cultural Anthropology,10th Edition, W.A. Haviland


Check current class schedule for cable company and air times for your area. Video copies of the programs are available for check out from the LRC.

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Room 464, Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.


Orientation                   READINGS: TBA IN CLASS


Programs 1-2


Programs 3-8


Programs 9-12

Take Home #1 OUT


Programs 13-16



Programs 17-22


Programs 23-26

Take Home #2 OUT



(#2 DUE BY 9:10 AM )



The mid-term and final exams are a combination of take-home and in-class exams. The take-home portion will consist of multiple choice questions taken from the TV programs, text, and seminar lectures. This section of the mid-term and final exams will be given out in class and a due date and time will be announced in class. You must submit your answers to the multiple-choice questions on a Scantron Answer Form. These are available on campus; you will need two. The in-class portion of the exams requires you to write short essays on the day you hand in the multiple-choice answers. You will be given the topics for the essays at the time you receive the multiple-choice portion, but you will have to write your answers in class. The instructor will provide the materials for the essay portion. The exam process requires you to be in class to sign out an exam copy, and to complete the in-class essays, and participate in the review of your exam on the scheduled dates. These are graded activities that require full participation to receive point credit. The instruction/sign-out phase is valued at 5 points; the take home multiple-choice portion is valued at 75 points; the essay portion is valued at 75 points; the review phase is valued at 5 points. Total Point value for the Course is 320. This is subject to change.


You must complete both exams to receive credit and a course grade. Course grade will be based on the scores you earn on the mid-term and final exams. This grade is determined by totaling the number of points possible from both exams and figuring the percentage you earned of that total: A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 70%, D = 59%, F = less than 59%. No "Incomplete" course grades will be given without a prior written request from the student. 


The college recommends that students with disabilities discuss academic accommodations with the instructor during the first two weeks  of the class. An alternate format of this syllabus and handouts is available upon request. Alternate format refers to the translation of print material into a format that a person with a disability can comprehend, e.g. tape, e-text, or Braille for the blind or visually impaired.


Academic cheating/dishonesty/plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated Students determined to have been academically dishonest will be subject to a failing grade and any other appropriate academic discipline as determined by the college.


On time attendance at every seminar is required and expected of every student. This is especially important because exams are given out in class and due dates and times are announced. STUDENTS WHO MISS TWO SEMINARS OR FAIL TO SUBMIT AN EXAM ON THE REQUIRED DATE AND TIME WITHOUT PRIOR INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL MAY BE DROPPED OR RECEIVE A FAILING GRADE FOR THE COURSE, WHICH EVER IS DEEMED APPROPRIATE. 

It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the drop dates required by the college and initiate the appropriate action. Any exceptions to the above may be considered on a case-by-case basis, must be agreed upon by both the instructor and student, and must be in writing. Please be mindful of the drop dates; Avoid receiving a "walk-away" F grade for the course!



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