ANTHROPOLOGY 105 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Spring 2005

Room BE-1

Thursday, 6:30-9:20 pm

Instructor:   Chris Henley  

Required Text: Haviland, William: Cultural Anthropology 10th ed.

This is an introductory course in Cultural Anthropology. Participants will become familiar with the concepts and theories about the past and present nature of human cultural systems. The course will survey the topics of ecological adaptation, the relationship between language and culture, development of personality, subsistence systems, economic relationships, marriage and kinship patterns, religion and magic, and the patterns of culture change. The course material will be presented in three segments through lecture, discussion and video.


On time attendance at every class is required, and expected. Students are responsible for knowing and acting upon drop dates and other applicable deadlines. Students who miss more than two consecutive class meetings may be subject to an instructor-initiated drop. An Incomplete for a course grade will not be given unless student initiated and requested in writing. Please avoid a "walk-away" F!


To receive a course grade all students must complete all required course work. Minimally, this will require that the student complete three exams. Exams are scheduled after each segment and will cover the topics presented in that segment. Exams may be a combination of subjective and essay style questions. Students are expected to take all exams on date scheduled, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. In any case, 10 points  will be deducted from the make-up exam score. Missed exams (1 & 2 only) may be made-up by arrangement with instructor; no final (exam #3) will be given after the scheduled date.


Exam and final course grades will be determined by percentage method. The total number of available points for each exam will be totaled. To earn a letter grade the total score must reflect the required percentage. The minimum percentage required for all grade level is as follows:

A = 90%   B = 80%   C = 70% D = 59%    58% and below is failing.

Academic Dishonesty:

Any student found to be actively or passively engaged in cheating or any other form of academic dishonesty will be subject to a failing grade for the course and any other academic discipline as deemed appropriate by the college.

Academic Accommodations:

It is recommended that students with disabilities discuss academic accommodations with the instructor during the first two weeks of the class. An alternate format of this syllabus and handouts is available upon request. Alternate format refers to the translation of print into a format that a person with a disability can comprehend, e.g. tape, e-text or Braille for blind or visually impaired.


Class dates, topics, exam dates and reading assignments can be accessed by using the class schedule link below. Class dates are firm. All other information is subject to change as needed. Changes will be announced in class only. I will be available for consultation one half hour after class, and during breaks; other times by appointment.

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